Sing for Hope Partners with Liquitex



To bring the beloved Sing for Hope Pianos to NYC, we need 1) pianos, 2) people, & 3) … PAINT. We’re thrilled to have Liquitex as our 2019 Paint Sponsor! Liquitex provides the paint and skill-building that allow the SFH Piano Artists to bring their designs to life. Liquitex invented the very first water-based acrylic paint in 1955—a paint that would adhere to nearly anything and that allowed artists significant versatility. Nearly 65 years later, Liquitex continues to innovate. What collaboration could be more fitting than an innovative public art project?

Liquitex does far more than simply supply the paint; resident artists from Liquitex have offered free workshops and demonstrations for our artists throughout the year. For example, one recent workshop focused on best techniques to varnish an artist-designed piano and keep artwork looking its best throughout all stages of the Sing for Hope Piano life cycle. Additionally, artists also learned how best to use the diverse range of Liquitex Acrylic colors, mediums, and varnishes to inspire their painting process and facilitate exploration. Liquitex Resident Artist Jimmy Leslie discussed how to intermix products and how the use of mediums can enhance and alter the natural characteristics of acrylic color, leading to endless possibilities and new ideas.

The techniques that Liquitex has been sharing with our Piano Artists are spreading. NYC artist Sarah Nesbitt is the creative director of Drawn on the Way, a daily live-sketch project designed to counter the anonymity of the city, born quite literally by Sarah’s impulse to capture the many people she met “on the way” (in the case of Drawn on the Way’s early days: on the F train).

“When I submitted my idea for this project, I wasn’t sure how I was going to paint my faces on a Piano. I figured that I would figure it out in more detail if I got accepted. So I’ve spent the last few months thinking about how I’m going to get these images transferred. I thought about stencils, projecting, tracing… and then the folks from Liquitex taught me how to use direct transfer using Liquitex acrylic medium…”

On her website for Drawn on the Way, Sarah says, “After years of drawing strangers underground, aboveground, and on the way, I’ve come to truly believe this: No matter who you are, you are a work of art. Be gracious, be kind, be curious. You are a work of art and you’re sitting next to a masterpiece.” The Sing for Hope Pianos are a logical next platform for a project that celebrates the individuals behind the multitude of NYC, and thanks to Liquitex, Sarah now has the tools to bring it to life on this unconventional canvas.


Are YOU an artist interested in sharing your art with Sing for Hope’s programs? Follow Sarah’s lead and join the Artist Partner roster here.


Whether it’s a corporation like Liquitex, our longtime individual donors, or someone who has just joined the Sing for Hope family, it takes a village to pull off the country’s largest annual public art project. Donate here.



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