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SPOTLIGHT: Yoshihiro was on a solo trip to NYC from Japan. He stumbled upon a Sing for Hope
Piano early in his trip, forming an unlikely bond and lasting friendships with local New Yorkers and other visitors to the city.

“Yoshihiro joined us at the SFH Pianos for hours every day. He doesn’t speak English, so we communicated in two different languages: Google Translate and music.” Fabio Tedde, SFH Global Ambassador

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Sing for Hope announces Linda E. Johnson as new Chair of Board

Sing for Hope announced this week that Linda E. Johnson has been elected Chair of the Board by unanimous board vote. “Linda’s passion for equal access to creative resources for all people is a hallmark of her work on the Sing for Hope board as well as her transformational leadership of Brooklyn Public Library. As Sing for Hope continues to drive new solutions for social cohesion through the arts, from the Sing for Hope Pianos that enliven our cityscape to our youth arts and healing arts programs in under-resourced areas, there is no one more equipped than Linda to help guide our next chapter,” say Sing for Hope Co-Founders and Co-Executive Directors Camille Zamora and Monica Yunus.