Sing for Hope had a swinging good time for the second Saturday Series at Chelsea Studios.  Professional dancers “Samantha & Brian” taught our high school aged students how to social dance, shared vintage and modern dance clips, and taught them the Shim Sham, the most common swing ,line dance .

Samantha L. Siegel and Brian T. Lawton are both trained performing artists and professional dancers. While they are trained in a multitude of both solo and social dances, Samantha and Brian love to dance their favorite dance, swing. Encompassing the Lindy Hop, Charleston, East Coast Swing, jive and many more styles, swing is an athletic dance with an emphasis on aerials and tricks. While swing is rooted in the styles of the 1920 s through the 1950 s, Samantha and Brian strive to put a modern twist on it. Samantha and Brian have choreographed, performed, and taught together in the birth place of swing, New York City, as well as across the country and abroad. The two are well versed in both choreographed dancing and free styling whether alone or partnered. While they are exclusive professional partners they also dance together in several Lindy Hop performance troupes based in New York City. Center stage and center of attention is where they feel most at home. The bigger the audience the better.

To learn more about Samantha L Siegel and Brian T Lawton visit their website HTTP://SAMANTHA-AND-BRIAN.COM/

Pictured: (Standing left to right) Maitay Catthouse, Oriel Allsop, Rebecca Seow, Maya Pagan, Berys Sarpong, Manny Dunn, Noelia Gonzalez. (Kneeling) Samantha L. Siegel and Brian T. Lawton

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Sing for Hope Volunteer Artist & Pianos 2013 artist Jessica Browne-White led students, from concept to painting. The day long workshop is part one of a series that mimics the artistic process visual artists take to paint a piano for the Sing for Hope’s Pianos, a yearly two week celebration of the arts in the summer.