Wouldn’t it be nice to put a piano there?

If Sing for Hope Project Leader Adrian Untermyer’s name sounds familiar, you might have seen him in A RECENT NEW YORK TIMES ARTICLE, speaking about our Sing for Hope Piano, on loan to Port Authority Bus Terminal. In 2016, Adrian passed through the terminal and noticed ,a space that was vacant, a spot that 225,000 people pass every day, and thought, ,wouldn’t it be nice to put a piano there? A Sing for Hope Piano was then designed and hand-painted on-site at the Port Authority Bus Terminal by SFH Artist Partner and noted visual artist/graphic designer PATRICK FREEMAN, whose clients have included Janet Jackson, Neiman Marcus and Virgin Records. Because of Adrian’s initiative and vision, Sing for Hope is now proud to serve thousands of commuters each week with regular Wednesday and Friday programming during the evening rush.

An accomplished pianist, Adrian performs at terminal on a weekly basis, and has brought in such other performers as ANITA ANTOINETTE OF THE VOICEOLIVIA HARRISJAMES SHEPPARDSARAH FACTOR, and P.J. Duffy. Other SFH Artist Partners who have performed there include concert pianists MICHAEL FENNELLY and Jae Han, singer-songwriter NEAL DAVIS, and acclaimed soprano MONIQUE MCDONALD, who commented that the acoustics of the space felt to her like a jewel-box European opera theater!

When Adrian is not busy performing at the terminal, you can find him at the HISTORIC DISTRICTS COUNCIL, where as Deputy Director, he works to strengthen and expand the Council’s coalition of organizations and individuals using activism, advocacy, and programming. A passionate transportation advocate, Adrian was named an Emerging Leader in Transportation by the Rudin Center in 2015, and holds an MPA from NYU’s Wagner School of Public Service.

Catch Adrian every Friday from 5-7 PM at the Port Authority Bus Terminal’s ,Performing Arts Stage, which is located in the second level of the south wing and projects above the first floor’s main circulation area. Interested in playing on the Performing Arts Stage at Port Authority? Sign up HERE to become a Sing for Hope Artist Partner.

ABC7 News: Piano at the Port Authority Bus Terminal is music to the ears of commuters.


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