All through the previous day, our moving crews had been quietly driving throughout the city to pick up each piano from its public location. At midnight, they began rolling pianos out onto the plaza, working tirelessly into the early morning. When the sun rose over Josie Robertson Plaza, 88 pianos circled the central fountain: a massive interactive art exhibit waiting to be explored.

And explore the people did. By early afternoon, the plaza was packed with visitors; pianists, artists, families, locals, tourists, passersby, and art lovers alike. Everyone clamored to lay their hands on the pianos, and the result was a dazzling landscape of color and noise.

At noon, the stage at the front of the plaza sprang to life. At the top of each hour, we welcomed a new artist: from the cast of Broadway’™s ONCE to pianist Cristiana Pegoraro, the Sing for Hope Youth Chorus, and Volunteer Artist Blake Whyte. With performances in dance, opera, rock music, and more, the concert truly represented the breadth of Sing for Hope’™s mission of Art for All.

The final performance of the day revived the thrilling musical event from the Pianos Launch Party the month before. As ticketholders to that evening’™s Lincoln Center performance watched from the balconies, all 88 pianos were once again played in unison, and the 2013 installation officially came to a close.

A few hours later, our movers again prepared for a long night of loading and unloading pianos. This time, however, the instruments would return to the Sing for Hope Piano studio for some TLC before they make one more journey to their final destinations: the organizations waiting to give them new, permanent homes.

Photo by Monika Graff. Photo by Monika Graff.

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