What makes an artist ? A degree from a renowned arts school? Your name in lights on Broadway ? Or the accidental discovery that a simple habit can contain great expressive potential ?  Trevon Blondet never thought that he was making art by using his camera. Having grown up snapping pictures his whole life, he never saw it as a form of creative expression, but rather just something that was an ever-present part of his day-to-day. Three years ago, he was encouraged by members of the Bronx Photo League to take his photos to the next level, and has never looked back. Raised in the South Bronx, Trevon has always been passionate about elevating and preserving neighborhood and community. Joining the JEROME AVENUE WORKERS PROJECT, a photo exhibition that documented and celebrated the workers and tradespeople of one of New York City’s few remaining working class neighborhoods, was the moment he felt he truly became an artist. The Project opened Trevon’s eyes to the impact his photos could have on his borough. When we asked Trevon why it is important to him to share his art with his community, he replied that, it’s proof that, with the proper inspiration, you can explore different avenues to expand the realms of art.”  “Tony” Trevon Blondet The people of Trevon’s South Bronx neighborhood have made such an impression on him that he has chosen to use their images as the subject for his 2017 Sing for Hope Piano. The result has been inspiring, both for him and for the viewers of his work. Furthermore, Trevon reports, like so many SFH Artist Partners, that a side-benefit of volunteering his talent with Sing for Hope has been the sense of creative community that has arisen in the Fosun Sing for Hope Center at 28 Liberty, where all of the 2017 SFH Pianos are brought to life. There, he says, he loves being flanked by art and artists of all kinds who offer support and lend positive feedback. ,This has been such a positive experience, such a good way to get involved with a great organization and community of artists who will always inspire you to do more, said Trevon. We’re happy to have Trevon as a wonderful part of our Sing for Hope community. Welcome to the family, Trevon!JOIN TREVON IN SHARING YOUR ART AS A SFH ARTIST PARTNERMAKE ART FOR ALL POSSIBLE: DONATE TODAY

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